This is a really great edit

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arteries will always hold a special place in my heart

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can i have you

just kidding you don’t have a choice get in the trunk

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The past week or two has definitely been interesting to say the least. With a messy break-up, a broken knee and destroyed relationships with quite a few people I’ve missed the comfort of home a lot more than usual. Which is different for me, seeing as I’ve never felt ‘home’ in Cincinnati. Thankfully, I get to see my mom in thirteen days and I’ll be ‘home’ in seventeen days. Things are looking up of course but it’s still a decent chunk of time.

I’ve changed a bunch this summer but in the recent days I’ve really come to understand that it’s for the best. I’m sad to leave the life I’ve been living for almost eighty days but my bed sounds a lot better than a Pio-Bus right now. Not to mention the idea of an always box 5 shower.. The relationships I’ve made with the hundred or so people here though, I’m already having a hard time letting go of that.

I’ve spent almost eighty days of my life becoming “Better Every Day” and creating bonds with some people that I doubt I’ll ever get the chance to see again. That’s pretty scary to think about.

I’ve taken a lot of time to reflect back on myself and I’m proud of who I’ve become but not necessarily what I’ve done to become this person. I don’t regret it at all because why regret the things you once wanted? It makes more sense in my head I suppose.

Ohio is calling my name. I really can’t wait to be back.


one time i did 9 shots of tequila and sent everyone i know a text saying im so sorry and cried for an hour because i really wanted a pet manatee and my apartment isnt big enough to house a manatee. i dont fuck with tequila anymore

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why the fuck does everyone in the purge movies want to kill people if crime was legal i’d find a way to erase my student debt and also probably steal a bunch of new clothes

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loneliness taunts you and once you get that attention you’ve been craving, it pressures you, it tells you why not? and convinces you that maybe things could work out, because loneliness is just the want to know that you still matter, that although there’s 7 billion people on this earth you’re at least desirable to one, and just that thought makes it feel okay…

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instead of counting sheep at night, count the number of times you can repeat “my life is dope and i do dope shit” before drifting into dreams full of kanye level self-confidence

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Frank Sinatra always reminds me of my dad

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Why do people drink alcohol it tastes disgusting

you don’t drink it for the taste. u drink shit like apple juice for the taste. you drink alcohol to get rid of the bad taste that every awful person in your life has left

Oh my

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how do you giggle in french

honhonhon oui oui baguette

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I want to do this.

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My parents are both pastors and once I was fucking this one dude who’s dad was the pastor of the rival church and he whispered ‘talk biblical to me’ so i started reciting Psalms  23 and we ended up getting into a competition of who could recite the most bible versus before they cummed

the fuck kind of romeo and juliet is this 

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